Daniel Kibblesmith is an Emmy-nominated writer, cartoonist, and comedian from Oak Park, Illinois. He is a staff writer for The Late Show With Stephen Colbert (2015) and a founding editor of ClickHole (2014). He has written comics for Marvel, D.C., and Valiant Comics, and comedy for The New YorkerMcSweeneys, and The Onion News Network. He is the author of Santa's Husband (Harper Design, 2017), and the co-author of the humor book How to Win at Everything (Chronicle Books, 2013). He works and lives in New York City, with his favorite author, Jennifer Wright.

Follow him on social media @Kibblesmith.

TV & Film Representation: Jonathan Levy, UTA
Literary Representation: Hannah Mann, Writers House

Header image by Ricardo Lopez Ortiz courtesy of Marvel.

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