I can *so* name Muppets created after 1990.

Everyone says I can’t but I CAN. I can probably name TEN of them.

Here we go.

  1. Pepe the Shrimp

  2. Jason Segal’s brother

  3. That bear that looks more like a real bear than Fozzie, like they got better at making bears in the intervening time

  4. … I wanna say Rizzo’s wife

  5. Evil Kermit from the meme

  6. Porgs

  7. Were there any Muppets who were strictly created for corporate gigs, like the way for a while, the closest thing we had to Batman movies were OnStar commercials. I bet there were.

  8. I remember those OnStar commercials being pretty cool, I think they got the real Alfred.

  9. I wonder if I will tell my kids about the Muppets.

  10. OH! That CGI penguin! TOLD YOU I could do it. CRUSHED IT.

Honorable mention: Adult Skeeter who is strongly implied to be dead until they reveal otherwise.